Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pendulous red jewels

The Dracaena surculosa shrub is  comfortable in all sorts of light conditions.
Location : Zone C

 There many introduced as well as native plants in the park.  Two species that attract me today are the Dracaena surculosa and another  small jungle tree species which I am still unable to reference.  Both have brightly coloured red fruits that are like jewels in the park.  The dracaena is a hardy plant that can be grown in indoor conditions.  It is easily propagated by cuttings.   The other plant that grows naturally produce very exotic strings of red fruits creating rich contrast to the greenery of the Botanic Island.  Both  plants produce their lovely red fruits all year round.  They are to me red jewels of the park. 
The dracaena leaves are spot-variegated and come in green or yellow- cream form.

Long string of red fruits of a jungle species
Location : Botanic Island Two.

Jungle tree species, a native of the park...
Location : Botanic Island Two

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