Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Planting the 'Golden Torch' in beds

Heliconia 'Golden Torch' planted in beds
Location : Heliconia Valley, Zone D

Heliconias belong to the Banana family-
 Try planting the Heliconia 'Golden Torch' in beds.  The pleasure is when they start to produce their colourful bracts.  Once established they will provide unlimited supply for daily cut flowers.  They add striking yellow colour to the landscape everyday.  It is necessary to remove or cut the aerial shoots that have flowered to encourage new shoots.  This gardening practice will result in healthy looking and clean beds.  The 'Golden Torch' have vigorous rhizomes and is easily propagated by division.  They love semi-shade or partial sun conditions.  Many birds are attracted to its inflorescences especially the sunbirds and spiderhunters.  To see how I use the Heliconia 'Golden Torch' in floral art Kambatik style , follow this link ...>>>http://dailycutflowers.blogspot.com/2009/06/hail-to-heliconias.html
Heliconias when grown in beds provide flowering shoots daily througout the year.
Location : Heliconia Valley, Zone D

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