Thursday, July 10, 2014

Provinsi Rumbia

The feather-like leaves of the Sago Palm or Rumbia (Malay) are seen next to the oil palm leaves at middle of the picture.
There are lots of grass reserves at the provinsi  to act as breeding grounds for the Kruak (White-breasted waterhen)
 The sago palm ( Metroxylon sagu) is also called Rumbia in Malay.  I have named a small plain area at Zone F as Provinsi Rumbia because the intention is to cultivate some sago palms here for posterity.  Sago is a palm of great economic importance to many people in Borneo.  I know the Penans who live a nomadic life style in Sarawak depend greatly on sago starch as a staple diet.   In Bintulu, sago processing was a time-honoured occupation among the young men in the 40's to 50's. Sago is cooked into pellets, puddings, biscuits etc..Many people love the grubs that are found in the rotting trunks or pitch after being felled.  These grubs are actually the larvae of beetles.  It is interesting to note that the large sucker roots of the sago palm creep for some distance before turning upwards and produce another tree.  The sago palm has a clumping habit.  The leaves are armed with slender spines.
View of Provinsi Rumbia, looking west
Location : Zone F
Young leaves of the Sago has a soft maroon colour.

View of Provinsi Rumbia, looking south
Location : Zone F

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