Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunset from Sawit Groove

Bintulu sunset rom Sawit Groove
Location : Provinsi Lady Palm
Zone C
Jarum tujuh (Malay) - in sunset colours
Pereskio bleo
Family : Cactaceae - Cactus family
There is a shady place, cool and peaceful at Provinsi Lady Palm which I call "Sawit Groove".  Shade is generously provided by the oil palm trees (Sawit - Malay) and other trees like Jackfruit, Durian, Ceylon Ironwood, Pong-Pong  and the Lumok trees.  Many times a day I would walk through the area to enjoy peaceful moments with nature.  It is located just a few yards behind my chalet.   It is also one of my favourite places to see the Bintulu sunset, besides two others that is the Cempedak Hill and the highest point at Licuala trail ( Zone I).  Today's sunset was majestic and reminds me of the colours of one of the flowers at the park called 'Jarum tujuh'( Pereskio bleo)in Malay.  Among the Berawans traditional medicine practitioners of Sarawak the leaves of this plant are boiled and when cooled is drunk as a prescription for curing cancer of the heart.  I guess I'll have  to put up more interesting furniture to the area, to make the place even more groovy like a simple shelter with stools or benches and tables.  That would be my next project for the Sawit Groove.   To see more sunset views from the park, check it out in my blog here .....>>>

Sawit Groove - shady, cool, peaceful place...looking north

Sawit Groove, looking west..(this gonna be an interesting and groovy place)

Jackfruit tree nearby the Sawit Groove, in late afternoon sun...
Sunset atmosphere at Provinsi Lady Palm...

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