Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Undoubtedly it is the Pandanus dubius

Pandanus dubius grows well in full sun, but does fine too in semi-shade location
Location : Zone C

 This plant is easy to propagate and plant.  It is vigorous and can stand rough handling.  It produce many plantlets which can be separated from the mother plant.  What I like about this plant is its glossy green leaves.  The leaves have tiny spines on its margins and are arranged in a tight spiral formation.  There is another species of the pandan that is used widely in the Malay cooking called 'Pandan' (Panadanus amaryllifolius) which are already planted in massive numbers at the park.  I guess I'll need to use more of the Pandanus dubius now in landscaping the park as I can raise them in quantities cheaply.
Pandanus dubius
Syn : Pandanus pacificus
Family : Pandanaceae - Pandan family
Location : Zone C

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