Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January clouds and rain

A January sky

 The January rains have been at the park for about two weeks now.  In the first half of the day, the sun is bright and sunny but come afternoon, the skies turn cloudy, from drizzle it pours heavy till evening time and continue in the night till next morning.  We are still in the season of the north-east monsoon and historically the rains will fade only in February.  There is little time to do field work during the rainy season.  Whatever little sunny hours and bright daylight need to be used wisely because once the rains come there is little outside work that can be done.  Very much I want to do more blogging and research work in the afternoon when it rains, there is yet a major problem.  The internet connectivity in Bintulu for the last few months  is extremely poor and sees no light of day.  Thanks and no thanks to Celcom for its poor service in Bintulu.  Like tonight it took me three hours to load these three pictures.  Surprise is too soft a word. 

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