Friday, January 30, 2015

By the flowers of oleina #1 - Malay Lacewing

Malay Lacewing - Cethosia hypsea hypsina

 Just yesterday I noticed only a handful of the Eugenia oleina trees at the park bursting with fresh flower buds and flowers.  Today at least a dozen of the trees simultaneously flower profusely.  The trees are everywhere in the park - on slopes and hills,  along roads and streams and open garden areas.  Thus the butterflies too are seen everywhere.  I intend to capture as many species of butterflies that are attracted to the oleina flowers this season.  To start with the series is this beautiful lacewing butterfly.  The most intricate patterns are on the underside wings which display a lacy design enriched in colours of black, red, cream, bright orange and white.  The upperside wings have very attractive bright orange, white and  black design.
Underside of the Malay Lacewing
Attractive orange, black and white colours on the upperside

Eugenia oleina trees are seen flowering at the park since about two days ago.
The season of flowering has come and so are the many species of butterflies that are attracted to the white flowers.
Zone B

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