Saturday, January 10, 2015

Striking sulphurous colour of the Grass Yellow

Upper side wings of the Eurema species or Grass Yellow butterfly
Location : Cempedak Hill, Zone G

 Today I was exceptionally lucky to have photographed a Grass Yellow butterfly just out of its pupa.  Earlier on it must have broken the transparent covering of the pupa and slowly moved out of the sac.  I would imagine that the force of the wings could have broken the ultra thin sac covering of the pupa (chrysalis) and by pull of gravity enabled it to move out of the sac.  Just out of the pupa or chrysalis this small butterfly species displayed a graphic pattern of  perfect symmetry, a wonder of nature.

Note the transparent sac covering of the pupa.
The pupa stage of a butterfly's life is a resting stage in which time it is transformed into a full butterfly.  In some butterfly species this process can take weeks or months.   Only fully transformed it breaks through the pupa to become an adult butterfly (as shown above)
Upper side of wings fully opened, in perfect symmetry.
Grass Yellow or Eurema species
Family : Pieridae - commonly call the whites or sulphurs

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