Wednesday, July 1, 2015

After shedding , its time for a show of true colours

After shedding all of its leaves, this jungle tree species is starting to show its true colours- very bright yellow colours.
Zone C
 What a unique jungle tree.  After shedding its leaves, it is starting to regenerate with new flushes.  Colour diversity in the landscape is arresting to the eyes.  It is picturesque and at the same time gives an added ecological interest.  While the jungle green is as it is generally known evergreen, there can be a few jungle tree species that does not enter into the evergreen category.  Others could be a variant of a semi-deciduous type where the shedding is partial.
View of jungle tree in flushes as seen from Zone B.
Flushes of the Eugenia oleina, Zone G and F
2 July'15

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