Thursday, May 26, 2016

Checking out the birds

A pair of Black Hornbill
Location : Licuala Hill, Zone I

Zone E
 I was very keen to checkout the birds early this morning.  At Licuala Hill the largest of the birds that visit this place was there waiting for me.  A pair of Black Hornbill was seen perching on one of the tallest perch at Licuala Hill.  I thought a good walkabout was in order as I became much spirited with the sighting of the hornbills.  I went to another tall perch at Cempedak Hill and observed a Pink-necked Pigeon in good light. Click, click, click... my camera was in fast shooting mode.  Yes, I got it.  The Pink-necked Pigeon in colours of the rainbow.  My walkabout proved fruitful as later I was greeted by the Yellow-bellied Prinia at the Kruak wetlands area.  It has an attractive bubbling call. Finally, to cap my walkabout I caught sight of the panicky Pied Fantail.  It is healthy to walk up the hills here to do bird watching.  I feel this is the kind of sanctuary that makes me feel great in my efforts to attract wildlife to the park.  Birds are really wonderful and pleasant neighbours.
Yellow-bellied Prinia has an attractive bubbllig call
Location : Kruak wetlands

Pink-necked Pigeon at Cempedak Hill, Zone G.

Pink-necked Pigeon in flight

Pied Fantail
Location : Zone G

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