Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A focussed 30 minutes with nature

On the forest floor this climber is a duo-colour named Bauhinia semibifida.

 Early in the day before I start any work in the park, I would take a brief 30 minutes walk to catch up with nature and what it has got to offer.  The best time would be between 6.30 -7.00 am.  Everyday is a surprise.  Every day nature is full of offerings.  Everyday is a lesson learnt in nature discovery.  Walking through the Botanic Island One I felt a sudden change in temperature because of the tall trees that over-top the place have filtered the early morning light.  The air on the forest floor was very cool and fresh and breathing became inspirational due to the smell of fresh leaves, fragrant flowers and tons of pure oxygen.  Your spirits get rejuvenated for very brief seconds but then that's probably what you need to kick start the day.  Nearby Botanic Island Two, I noticed some commotion and heard bubbling sounds above.  The Yellow-vented Bulbuls were having a field day catching bees at the canopy of jungle trees.  We can't easily see their prey with naked eyes from ground zero  but often I see bee-eaters and bulbuls getting excited in the air above when chasing and catching the bees that normally come drifting in swarms  brought by a slight breeze or strong wind. Looking up again at the tree canopy, I was pleased to see the mild red flushes of a jungle tree.  It made me wonder - why not make it into a landscaping tree candidate?  Just like the Bauhinia semibifida climber that are well-preserved at the park.  They start as jungle species but can adopt themselves to urban environment to enrich and colour our homes, towns and parks.  There's so much to live and love nature every day in our lives.  Try walking in a park.
Bauhinia semibifida growing healthy at Botanic Island One

Bulbuls having rest perching and getting ready for the next sortie ..

Bubul with a bee at its beak

Mild red flushes of a jungle tree

Green Green Grass of Home...

Heralding a cloudy day and probably rain ...

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