Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Photoshoot session - Spiderhunter at Sexy Pink

Little Spiderhunter at the Heliconia 'Sexy Pink'
Location :  Heliconia point, Heliconia Valley, Zone C

 One of the most rewarding birding look-out point at the park is the Heliconia point.  At most times of the day the place is visited by many small birds like the Little Spiderhunter, Brown-throated Sunbird and the Eastern Crimson Sunbird due to the presence of many varieties of heliconia plants and yellow ixora shrub there.  Today the Little Spiderhunter was seen in a happy mood getting her job done.  It was busy getting deep into the bottom of the flower base to have a sip of the nectar.  The pendulous flower stalk is red and the pink bracts that cover the real flower are sometimes called 'false flowers'.

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