Saturday, October 4, 2014

Antics of the Little Spiderhunter tasting sweet nectar

Little Spiderhunter at the Ixora coccinea flowers.

 It is indeed interesting to observe the antics of the Little Spiderhunter this morning.  What looked spectacular was its action in pulling the style out from  the  perianth tube.  Then seconds later another photoshoot image clearly shows the style stuck in between the beak.  The style is sweet- tasting  because of the presence of nectar.  For this reason it is common to see in Sarawak young children pulling the style slowly from the tube and place the style on their tongues to taste its sweetness.  Checkout the images below .....

Pulling the needle-like style from the perianth tube.  The style connects the stigma at top of the flower to the ovary at the bottom.  The style is much sweeter especially towards the base near the ovary.

Needle-like style stuck in between the beak

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