Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Blue-throated Bee-eaters after the bees

Blue-throated Bee-eaters at the Cempedak tree
Location : Cempedak Hill, Zone G

 It was just yesterday that the bulbuls were seen having a field day chasing and catching the bees at Botanic Island Two.  Today early in the morning (8.00 -8.30 am) I went to do a little bit of birding at Cempedak point.  On top of the Cempedak hill stands a few cempedak trees (Artocarpus integer) that provide perches for the Blue-throated Bee-eaters to rest and enjoy their catch.  From the perches the bee-eaters organised many sorties.  They came back to the perches to batter the bees before consuming them. The park is a passageway for the bee-eaters to go southerly every morning to hunt for food and use the same route to return home in a northerly direction  in the late afternoon. The calls of the bee-eaters are everyday music heard at the park.

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