Monday, October 20, 2014

Come closer to me...

Hill Myna (Gracula religiosa)

 It is such an adorable bird. The Hill Myna or Tiong (Malay) was around yesterday.  She was dressed completely in black, with pretty orange legs and feet.  Her strong bill was reddish orange with a yellow tip.  She gave me a rare opportunity to come closer to her for a photoshoot session.  Close enough for me to notice her face in details.  Her eyes were black.  Below her eyes hangs a yellow bare skin patch.  A bigger patch runs around her nape to which two roundish lappets are attached.  I saw her preening herself on one of the perches at the Licuala Hill.  She whistled loudly and could be heard over the neighbourhood.  She's has been  a real sport .  Here are the photoshoots taken at a distance of about 15 meters...
Note the white wing-patch on the primary wings
Preening herself before retiring to sleep.  Note the two yellow roundish lappets at the nape.

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