Thursday, October 16, 2014

High above, down below

Eagle gliding in a widening gyre

Walking around the park.  Walking on fallen and dead leaves on the forest floor and footpath.  The sun shines softly on the ground and heightens the duo colours of the Bauhinia, a creeper that is seldom planted outside the forest though it is native to Bintulu.  Walked through muddy areas and found a red dragonfly posing for a while on a thin grass blade.  My eyes searched through the middle story, column of leaves and finally the top of canopy.  A bulbul was making its call, a Yellow-vented Bulbul by the colour of its vent.  Scouting further I saw up in the sky an eagle circling the park.  The sighting finally makes the morning for me.  I am not sure what species it was.  Could it be the Crested Serpent Eagle for its broad band of white bar on its tail?  There is so much more to nature discovery at the park....
Bauhinia semibifida

Yellow-vented Bulbul
Walk in the park...

Zone I

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