Friday, October 3, 2014

More green pigeons at Cempedak point

A small party of Little Green Pigeon
Location: Cempedak point, Zone G

Male (below) and female (above)
 The Cempedak Hill is named after the group of Cempedak trees that are planted on top of the hill.  The trees provided convenient perches for many birds such as the pigeons, doves,magpie-robins, bulbuls etc.  The Cempedak point is one of the tallest spot for birdwatching at the park and provides a scenic view of the landscape and topography of the area.  This morning I observed a small party of Little Green Pigeons comprising of two males and two females trying to out do one another on the perches.  They were later joined by a threesome of Spotted-necked Dove called 'Tekukur' locally.
Spotted-necked Dove

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