Friday, October 3, 2014

Tiny birds are at Heliconia point

Eastern Crimson Sunbird at the Chinese hat plant
Location: Heliconia point, Heliconia Valley, Zone C

 The Eastern Crimson Sunbird's beak is design fitted for siphoning nectar from the Chinese hat plant.  Such wonders of nature can be easily seen in the park.  So is the Little Spiderhunter and the Brown-throated Sunbird's bill.  They are sharp and on many occasions these birds take the short cut to reach at the nectar by just piercing through the base of the flower.  The are many species of birds that can be seen regularly visiting the flowers that are purposely cultivated for attracting them at this birding spot.  The planting include ixora species, Chinese hat plant, many varieties of heliconias, hibiscus and also plants belonging to the ginger family.  Additional bonuses on the sidelines may include tree shrews, squirrels, butterflies, lizards, praying mantis, stick insets, etc..
Little Spiderhunter at Heliconia 'Sexy Pink'

Brown-throated Sunbird at Heliconia'Sexy Pink'

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