Wednesday, October 29, 2014

When the angels come trumpeting in

Flower buds of the Angel's Trumpet (Randia macrantha)
Family : Rubiaceae - Coffee family

 Last night the angels came trumpeting in.  There was music and perfume in the air as they open up their pure white petals.  This morning I saw at least ten more flower buds that are ready to bloom.  But patience.  It is fashionable among the angels to reveal themselves around midnight when the air is still and fresh.  That will be the best time for them to exude their romantic fragrance.  Guess I'll be waiting for the angels tonight!
Sometimes referred to as Euclinia longiflora - the Angel's Trumpet
Location : Zone C

( Note: There is another flowering shrub that is also commonly called Angel's Trumpet i.e. Datura suaveolens but belongs to the Solanaceae family - Tomato family)

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